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Type of publication: Steam Key (key) / ROW

Language of game: English

Welcome to the gloomy, dark forty-first millennium! Here there is an endless war for dominance in the galaxy between mankind and alien races. You can personalize your army with a unique tuning tool that allows you to select insignia and standards, coloring and unit names.

• Starting a single story campaign
In the epic story of conspiracy and betrayal under your command is the elite order of the Blood Ravens. You serve the emperor and protect humanity from all the misfortunes in the universe of Warhammer 40,000.
• Play for four unique races
Command the Space Marines, Orcs, Chaos and Eldar in grand battles, customize their special skills, weapons and technologies tree. Destroy the enemies and subjugate the universe.
• Unprecedented realism
Landscape on an exact scale, the physics of traffic and dynamic lighting give the game unprecedented for this genre realism.
• Merciless melee and ranged animation
Realistic animation of fighters will allow you to plunge into the very thick of a fierce battle.
• Innovative tactical gameplay
Such innovations as cover, group combat, morale, give real-time combat additional strategic depth.
• Dynamic multi-user mode
Check your fighting qualities in battles 2x8, the course of which never repeats.

Platform: Windows
Region: Region Free (without restrictions)
Activation: Steam


1. You must download and install Steam (if not already installed).
2. Start the Steam client.
3. Create a new account on Steam or go to an existing one.
4. Go to the "Games" section and select "Activate on Steam".
5. Enter the activation key you purchased.
6. After that, the game will appear in your list of games and you can install it.
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