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Two games in one:
You buy a key that activates the game Diablo III with the addition of Reaper of Souls.

Genre: Action-RPG (Action RPG)
The game requires an Internet connection, registration on® and the application.

The full edition includes the basic game Diablo III and the addition of Reaper of Souls. Shake the earth with powerful blows, sweep away enemies with the magic of fire and ice, call upon servants from another world: your hero is born for power!

Languages: English (US), Russian, 繁体 中文,, Polski , Português (AL), Español (AL), Español (EU), Deutsch, English (EU), Italiano, Français
07.06.2019 21:35:28
Всё гуд , всё пришло моментально , спасибо большое ))))
09.12.2018 0:37:38
Все супер, спасибо.

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